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Dress Up Your Kitchen With a Christmas Kitchen Towel

Dress up your kitchen for the holidays. Some feature embroidered holiday motifs, while others are plain.Christmas Kitchen Towel

Bring in the season with this festive towel featuring a cardinal in a magnolia tree and 12 kudzus creeping. It has a corner loop for easy hanging. This cotton flour sack towel is both decorative and functional.

Adding festive kitchen towels is an easy way to make your home feel more inviting during the holidays. Choose from a variety of designs that feature wintery colors and shapes, such as Christmas trees, snowflakes and gingerbread men. Many of these holiday towels are available in sets so that you can keep one at the ready while the other is in the wash.

If you live in Louisiana, you’ll love this fun towel featuring 12 strands of sparkling Mardi Gras beads, 9 Cajun crawfish, 4 riverboats, 2 baby gators and a pelican in a cypress tree. It’s a perfect choice for any kitchen or gift for a friend who loves to party in the state where “Carnival never ends.”

While some retailers push the start of the Christmas season way before Halloween, the 12 days of Christmas actually begin on Christmas Day and continue until Epiphany (or Three Kings Day) on January 6th. Then, of course, it’s time for the famous New Orleans celebrations like Carnival!

Luzia’s premium kitchen hand towels are crafted of 390 GSM sustainably sourced premium Turkish cotton. They’re reversible with a waffle weave on one side and terry cotton on the other, making them absorbent and durable. They’re also soft and silky, with a touch of sheen that adds to their luxurious feel.

A pre-made hanging loop is sewn into the corner of each towel, making it easy to hang them up for display or storage. They’re machine-washable, too. These stylish and practical holiday kitchen towels will turn any kitchen into a cozy, festive retreat. The holidays are a wonderful time to enjoy friends and family, cook delicious meals and create special memories. These Christmas towels will help you transform your kitchen into a warm, welcoming place that’s the heart of your home.

Stewart Plaid

If you’re looking for a tartan kitchen towel that will fit in with your traditional holiday style, this Stewart Tartan is a great option. Historically rooted in Scottish textiles, this plaid is a beautiful mix of red, black, white, and yellow that can be worn with many different outfits. You can also match this kitchen towel with other classic Christmas designs in similar colors.

The Stewart clan is known for its tartans, and this one is a perfect example. The deep blues and greens in this pattern evoke cold winter nights by the fire. This is a beautiful choice for a highland outfit or to wear over a wool flannel shirt with some denim.

Another option is a spirited design, like this embroidered Santa putting the star on the Christmas tree. This is sure to inspire festive baking and watching Christmas movies. This design is framed by a cheery woven stripe and hand-dyed rick-rack and comes in a reusable organdy pouch, so it’s a thoughtful gift for your favorite hostess this year!

This towel combines two of the most beloved activities at Christmas, drinking hot cocoa and decorating the tree. This embroidered towel features a festive Christmas tree with candy canes and holly. It comes paired with a matching striped tea towel and is presented in a reusable organdy pouch.

A whimsical option is this design inspired by The Nutcracker ballet. This beautiful towel set is a fun way to spread the joy of the season and would look great in any country kitchen.


A traditional symbol of Christmas, holly is associated with the winter holidays along with ivy and mistletoe. Its iconic red berries and bright green leaves are perfect for adding cheerful decoration to any kitchen space. Towels with a festive print of holly are a great way to bring a little holiday cheer into the kitchen.

These towels are made with soft cotton terry that’s machine washable for easy maintenance. Many come in sets of two or more, so you can have a fresh new towel for every occasion. Choose from a wide selection of designs, including Santa Claus, Christmas trees, gingerbread men and more. Some are simple, while others are true works of art with elaborate embroidery or intricate painting.

The genus Ilex, also known as holly or Christmas holly, contains about 570 species of evergreen and deciduous trees, shrubs and climbers with spiky leaf margins and inconspicuous flowers. It is the most diverse woody dioecious angiosperm genus in the world, and its members are found from tropical to temperate zones in all the major terrestrial ecoregions.

Holly has been associated with winter celebrations since pre-Christian times. The Romans used it to honor the god Saturn during their Saturnalia festivities and it was believed that holly would protect homes from evil spirits and specters. Christians took up this tradition, displaying holly boughs on doors to prevent persecution from supernatural forces.

The holly we know and love is Ilex aquifolium, commonly called common holly, English holly, European holly or Christmas holly. The berries it produces are red and poisonous, but birds love them (and disperse them far and wide), and the tree is often grown specifically for this purpose.

Deck The Halls

Deck the Halls is a popular Christmas song that is often accompanied by ornaments and other decorative items, such as garlands of holly, pine, cedar, or balsam. These decorations are meant to bring joy and cheer to the home during the holidays. The phrase deck the halls comes from a well-known Christmas carol with older roots in an ancient Germanic midwinter festival.

Introduce holiday spirit to your kitchen with our vibrantly printed Deck The Halls tea towel featuring a charming Rifle Paper Co. design. This 100% cotton tea towel has a corner loop for hanging, making it perfect for lining baskets, drying dishes, or simply displaying.

When your Uncle Albert shares his political opinions at the dinner table, or your nephew farts during the family Christmas movie, you can use this tea towel to laugh through it all. When your friends see this festive design, they’ll be asking where you got it. Like all the other towels in this collection, this is a great gift for any Christmas lover.